What is Caregiver TLC?

The Caregiver TLC Research Program offers FREE ONLINE support to adults providing care to persons with memory loss, dementia, or chronic illness. 

Caregivers will complete six weekly Zoom sessions led by trained facilitators. This workshop will teach coping skills to deal with stress, depression and burden, and strategies to improve quality of life. 


Is Caregiver TLC For Me?

  • Do you provide at least 4 hours of care a week to a person with a chronic illness or memory loss?
  • Do you help your family member to:
    • Remember appointments?
    • Get bathed or dressed ?
    • Take their medications on time?
    • Could you attend six weekly 2‐hour Zoom* sessions?
    • Would you like to connect with other caregivers near you?
    • Do you have a personal email address?
* Technical support available to assist with Zoom access and usage


Do You Want to Register for Caregiver TLC?

Please complete this brief survey found at the link below:

Caregiver TLC Registration Survey



Email us at: jmontoro@uncc.edu
Call us at: 704 687-6166